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Digital Advertising Solutions for New & Used Car Dealers

Work your digital strategy like a master
Build your brand, drive traffic and connect online to in-store with a comprehensive portfolio of digital marketing solutions.

Connect Solutions

Simple, yet powerful. Tailored, yet flexible.

Our new suite of solutions unites you with more in-market shoppers across Autotrader, the dominant listings you already know, along with the added power of the listings on KBB.com. Empowering dealers with the seamless coordination of products, that previously had to be piecemealed together, Connect Solutions positions your digital marketing strategy for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Digital Marketing Strategy


Get your inventory and brand in front of a massive audience of active shoppers on Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. Plus, everything you need to merchandise including photos, comments, reviews and more so you are well-positioned to make the most impact with the most shoppers.

Decide the level of exposure that makes sense for your dealership so you can connect with ready-to-buy shoppers at the right place at the right time.

And as part of Connect Solutions, see your inventory and shopper activity feed right now1 with Connections App.

Connections App

Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader combined are nearly 30% more effective in converting online traffic into dealership foot traffic than the next leading third-party site
76% of used car buyers use AT or KBB.com to determine their current car’s worth and find vehicles listed for sale

1. The raw data is drawn from real-time data sources. This real-time data is processed differently, and may not provide the same results as the data we provide in our other reports.
2. 2016 Car Buyer Journey presented by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book

Build Your Brand Message & Identity

Boost the frequency of your exposure with display and retargeting. These digital placements help further build your brand and drive incremental activity for your inventory.


Get your vehicles seen first and fast. Spotlights occupy a prime position near the top of the Search Results page, above the listings. They significantly increase Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views for both used and new cars.

On Autotrader On KBB.com


Dominate your market and be the first dealer brand and inventory car shoppers see when they search.

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Increase brand awareness and engage shoppers with dynamic ads that incorporate video, rich media and your inventory.

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New Car Advanced Retargeting

Extend your reach beyond Autotrader to hundreds of consumer websites.

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Kelley Blue Book

Dealer Showcase

Reach local shoppers interested in your brand with exclusive exposure.

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New Car Highlight

Be the exclusive dealer advertiser near the KBB.com Price Advisor.

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Used Car Highlight

Provides a unique opportunity to make an immediate connection with in-market used car shoppers.

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Get the largest, most prominent branding within the "Cars for Sale" section on KBB.com.

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Convert Online Traffic to In-Store Traffic

When done well, all of the above strategies play into influencing shoppers to visit your dealership and transact. For even more power converting online shoppers to in-store traffic, consider solutions that bridge the gap between online and offline for the consumer.

Introducing Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Last year, KBB.com provided over 93 million trade-in values to our shoppers. Now you can drive these trade-in ready customers to your showrooms with the new Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

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KBB.com Leaddriver

Leverage the power of the Kelley Blue Book® brand by seamlessly integrating your dealership's website with trusted Kelley Blue Book® values.

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Comprehensive and user-friendly way for shoppers to identify near-actual payment and lease options on Autotrader listings. It's designed to increase the number of people who opt for financing through your dealership.

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Use Co-op to Maximize Your Advertising Budget

Did you know that many of the products and services offered by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book® are eligible for reimbursement by your OEM? And now Autotrader makes it even easier with 3 levels of service to support your co-op reimbursement process. Explore available programs today!

Co-op Programs

Drive Shoppers to Your Dealership Website

As part of a comprehensive advertising strategy, optimizing your website's content and employing search engine marketing can help maximize traffic to your website.

Dealer.com logo

Dealer.com Advertising guides likely buyers to your digital retailing experience. Our solution draws from groundbreaking data-targeting technology to identify in-market consumers, across every key digital channel— search engines, automotive research sites, display networks, and social.

Paid Search

The most awarded and trusted pay-per-click technology in automotive integrates with your inventory and incorporates vehicle-specific content into every ad. It's the foundation for successful advertising portfolios.

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Retargeting and Audience Targeting

Turn digital "be-backs" into customers by delivering specifically curated galleries of relevant vehicles to your prospects after they leave your site. Reach Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader shoppers and direct them back to your website through industry-leading retargeting solutions.

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Display Advertising

Drive new consumer demand with the industry's most powerful data-targeting technology. Dynamic inventory ads strategically target potential buyers virtually everywhere they travel online, influencing their decisions throughout their path to your showroom.

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Social Advertising

Capture even more digital demand through Facebook Dynamic Ads and Video Advertising. These inventory-based, dynamically generated ads drive results by targeting high-quality, in-market shoppers.

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