Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership: Close the gaps in your automotive marketing strategy

Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership is a data-driven marketing partnership that seamlessly integrates content and native advertising within a personalized environment, closing the gap between OEM campaigns and auto sales.

Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership Advantages

Data Intelligence

The breadth of our properties

Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership provides access to unrivaled audience data that shows a 360-degree view of the car shopping journey. We know who your customers are, on and off-site. We know what their brand, make, and model preferences are, and what content they enjoy. We use these insights to build behavioral models that predict shopper intent from early consideration all the way to purchase.

Audience Quality

The trust of our user base

Our combined sites are the most used by vehicle shoppers. As a trusted information source, our success is rooted in unbiased information and brand integrity. With Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership you get unprecedented reach among our high-quality, lean-forward audience of invested shoppers who trust our content and our unbiased authority.​

User Experience

The power of personalization

Our clean, frictionless site experience enables shoppers to make decisions with less noise, less clutter, and less distraction as they progress through key decision points. Proprietary data intelligence and predictive modeling create a curated journey that keeps each individual shopper engaged and attentive. Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership meets shoppers at critical decision points, starting at the earliest moments of consideration: when brand affinity is established, brand loyalty is reinforced, and brand conquest is possible.

Brand Integration

The impact of right-time messaging

Seamlessly integrated messaging empowers shoppers with knowledge and fosters consumer confidence. With Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership, your brand impression is more effective than ever. Our intelligence-driven personalization engine  ensures that the right message makes it to the right shopper, enhancing rather than distracting from the shopping process and nudging them toward purchase. Our flexible, customizable suite of integration opportunities matches shoppers with brand impressions at the moments that matter most.

Strategic Insight

The advantage of a marketing partnership

Our data makes your data smarter. We provide our Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership partners with a wealth of campaign analytics plus access to first-party audience data. Our robust and actionable reporting provides strategic insights that inform campaign decisions and enable us to continually optimize performance and drive ROI across the life of your campaign. That’s how we close the gaps in your understanding of the car shopping journey.​

Delivering right-time messaging when it matters most and Autotrader rank as the #1 and #2 most-used third-party shopping sites. ?

Cox Automotive Marketing Partnership drives measurable increases in consideration and sales


of new-vehicle shoppers did not start the shopping process knowing the exact vehicle they wanted. ?


increase in car brands under consideration as purchase nears. ?


of the time our buying signals can reliably predict whether or not your vehicle is in a shopping consideration set. ?

Map your messages more precisely with a data driven roadmap

Third party sites are the most popular first and last destinations?



Third Party Sites ?



OEM Sites



Influence of content marketing during the beginning and end of the journey?





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