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Audience Extension is the only ad platform that reaches the millions of shoppers who visit Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book every day—while they're actually engaged in the shopping process. See how Audience Extension continues the conversation with highly qualified, premium in-market shoppers wherever they go online.

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Market to 36 million premium qualified users1 everywhere they go

34 Million*
  • Rather than purchase some random "auto" data, target 36 million actual in-market automotive shoppers1
  • 63% of Autotrader and KBB.com shoppers are within 2 months of purchase2
  • Seamless targeting across devices allows you to increase the reach of your target audience
  • White-glove purchasing structure ensures a relevant and timely auto shopping audience on many high-profile in-network sites
  • 1. Source - DEMDEX Jan-Oct 2016 Average
  • 2. Source - 2015 Year End User Profile Study provided by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book

Premium Segmentation to Target People, Not Pages

Drive more personalized and relevant experiences with audience segmentation from the two most influential1 and visited2 third-party automotive sites.

  • Create multi-channel campaigns that can reach your audiences at scale
  • Over 100,000 third-party audience segments to layer on top of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book unique shopper data
  • Look-alike modeling available to extend Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book audiences
  • Reach your target demographics, including Millenials, Hispanics, Women, and African Americans
  • 1. Source - 2015 IHS Automotive Buyer Influence Study
  • 2. Source - ComScore Media Matrix®Multi-Platform, July 2015 – December 2015 based on U.S. data

Customized Premium Creative Opportunities

Improve campaign performance with native advertising, video, display, rich media and more.

  • A variety of creative executions offers flexibility to meet any creative or technical need
  • Weekly optimizations ensure both performance and delivery are on track
  • Activate multi-channel campaigns using cross-device audience segments

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  • 46% of car buyers used a Smartphone to research and shop prior to purchasing a vehicle.*
  • Create a seamless experience with your shopper while they are on the move.

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  • *Source - 2016 Car Buyer Journey provided by Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book
  • Reach 75% of all US auto purchasers as they check their latest social media updates on Facebook and Instagram.*
  • Maximize the impact of your campaign by placing your message within your shopper’s social experience.

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  • *Source - 2016 Facebook Audience Network
  • 65% of consumers consider vehicle videos to be an important part of their car-shopping process.*
  • Repurpose TV commercials or other content with digital video across multiple channels.

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  • *Source - 2015 Cox Automotive Consumer Video Research Study
  • Users exposed to a brand’s messaging across multiple screens were 25% more likely to click on the brand’s ads.*
  • Dynamic remarketing to get your shoppers back into the purchase funnel.

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  • *Source - 2015 Tapad specific case study with Leading Auto Manufacturer

Premium Protection For Your Brand

We work with the right partners to find the right mix of safeguards for your campaign.

  • Brand safety targeting with DBM
  • Sophisticated, automated alert systems ensures your campaign is running as planned
  • Best-in-class policies
  • Inventory audit team ensures campaigns only get served to relevant users on legitimate sites

Premium Results

Learn how our automotive clients maximized their reach and drove performance with Audience Extension.

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