Get the word out and sell vehicles with display advertising built for dealers

Convert more shoppers to buyers with targeted digital advertising, including offsite display retargeting and display ads on Autotrader and

Display ads backed by the power of Cox Automotive’s consumer data

See more impact when you combine the power of Autotrader’s display solutions to make your strongest impression yet.
21.5 more VDPs
per car on average, each. ?

Display Advertising

Alpha Elite display ads shown on Autotrader
eLot display ad on Autotrader homepage
Spotlights Ads shown at the top of the search results page on Autotrader
Retarget and re-engage with shoppers across offsite premium websites with the option to leverage social media platforms

Drive qualified buyers straight to your door, website or listings VDP by retargeting and re-engaging them within a large network of sites, outside of Autotrader and Shoppers will see your most relevant inventory within dynamic ads—based on criteria you set—which gives you ultimate flexibility, control and exposure.​

New Advanced Ads Premium gets your relevant inventory in front of shoppers as they browse the web and their social media platforms.

Keep the focus on your dealership with premium ads placements across our experiences ​

New Targeted Display harnesses the power of Cox Automotive first party data  to effectively target shoppers as they browse Autotrader and

Alpha Elite display ads shown on Autotrader
Highly visible and profitable

Blend seamlessly into the Autotrader and search experience with native advertising content that integrates your dealership’s branding and messaging into the results. With two products to choose from, Super Spotlight and Alpha Liner, you can stand out to more shoppers than ever before—leading to more clicks and more VDPs.

eLot display ad on Autotrader homepage
Be there at every step of the car shopping journey

eLot, Autotrader’s brand-new carousel display unit, targets real-time shoppers during their valuation and search journeys, serving up relevant inventory based on their recent search history. Because eLot displays provide inventory placements outside of the core search experience, that means you reach MORE shoppers across MORE pages with MORE opportunities to convert transaction-ready buyers.

Spotlights Ads shown at the top of the search results page on Autotrader
Shine a spotlight on the vehicle you want to move

Whether the vehicles you want to feature are vehicles that are getting cold or hot vehicles that are sure to grab attention, you can drive more clicks and engagement straight to those VDPs with Spotlights.

Connect with ready-to-buy shoppers

million unique visitors each month across Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book?
billion interactions fueling proprietary shopper insight?
million daily listings driving market intelligence?

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