Auto Dealers, Meet your next car buyer on Autotrader.


Here's How

Autotrader has a higher quality audience than any other listing site

More actual car buyers use Autotrader than any other third-party listing site?
Autotrader has more car buyers than CarGurus, more than TrueCar, more than
Autotrader ranks #1 in site visitors among third-party car shopping sites for the 21st consecutive month?

Autotrader drives high quality engagement that converts into sales

Autotrader is the most influential car listings site for helping buyers decide where to purchase?
Buying Signals Generated
3.4 million
per month
Autotrader generates over 3.4 million buying signals for dealers each month?
Dealer Website Views
1 million
per month
Autotrader drives shoppers to dealer websites nearly 1 million times every month?
Autotrader vehicle detail page views totaled more than 1 billion in 2016, with more than 40 million VDPs viewed for each of our top 10 markets?
Shoppers on Autotrader view over 200 million search results pages every month?

Autotrader shoppers travel farther, buy faster

Travel Farther
60 miles
42 miles
Consumers using Autotrader are willing to travel farther – 60 miles on average – for their next vehicle compared to the 42 miles on average traveled by all car buyers that use third-party car shopping sites?
Buy Faster
71% collectively of those planning to purchase within the next 30 days visit Autotrader and/or Kelley Blue Book?
25% of those planning to purchase within the next 30 days visit Autotrader, more than any other third-party site?
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Shopping activity on Autotrader is increasing in local markets in 2017?

Autotrader sessions increased in 74% of our local markets in Q1 2017?
Market Highlights
Autotrader shoppers in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Cleveland were nearly 4% more active in Q1 2017?

Autotrader shoppers in Atlanta and Dallas-Ft. Worth were over 5% more active in Q1 2017?

Autotrader shoppers in Chicago and Houston were over 7% more active in Q1 2017?

Autotrader shoppers in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale were 8.5% more active in Q1 2017?
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