Autotrader has the best quality leads. Period.

By offering a superior, personalized car buying experience for shoppers, Autotrader keeps delivering the highest quality leads to help your dealership, reach further, close faster and profit more.

Get backed by the best in the business

unique visitors per month?
higher gross profit per dealer than the nearest competitor?
in client satisfaction with consultation?

We crush the competition

Autotrader’s avg gross profit per lead:
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Higher close rates and sales

Autotrader’s close rate is 39% higher than our nearest competitor?
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Whitepaper: Why Lead Quality Matters More Than Ever

Why lead quality and connected deal-making solutions matter in 2023.

Get the right partner. Get more deals done.

No matter how big your lot is, what kind of inventory you’re selling or what kind of auto buyer you want to target, we’ve
got the marketing solutions for Deal Doers to expand reach and shorten vehicle turnaround time.

What’s new at Autotrader

As our industry changes, so do we. Explore our latest tools and enhancements built to help you stay ahead of the curve and connected to car buyers.

Giving dealers and OEMs an edge

Autotrader is constantly innovating to create a better consumer experience that drives more sales for our clients. By keeping car shoppers engaged with our brand, we keep them engaged with yours. Take a look at what we’ve been up to lately.

Every year, the editorial and data teams at Autotrader put our heads together to identify the best new cars. It’s a win for OEMs and dealers who show them off in advertising and on the lot.

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