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unique visitors per month?
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Drives nearly
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Autotrader delivers the highest gross profit per sale in the industry.?

higher close rate?
higher gross
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See what the power of Autotrader can do for you.

“The quality of leads Autotrader provides is second to none.”

– Cade Rivard, Rivard Buick GMC

Autotrader’s co-op program provides participating franchise dealers with the services and documentation needed to submit claims for reimbursement of qualified Autotrader products with your OEMs.

Included in every listings subscription, Autotrader’s nVision platform is the only tool in the industry that provides real-time analytics that are essential to driving your business — now more than ever. With nVision, you can access inventory insights, shopper behavior and pricing data all in one place.

In our largest campaign yet, Kenan Thompson is back for an all-new national ad campaign that will help Autotrader get your inventory in front of the next generation of car buyers.

Discover the path to 36% higher gross profit.

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