Add-on convenience for shoppers and profits for you

What car buyers want and what dealers need come together on Autotrader with enhancements that deliver a smooth buying experience, more sales and higher profits.

Keep shoppers on a seamless path to purchase

If you are a dealership who embraces eCommerce, Shopper Connect enables you to highlight your unique eCommerce experience, funnel shoppers directly into your tool and close more deals online. This unique messaging offering sets your listings apart on Autotrader and

Fast access to low-funnel shoppers

Acquire more shopper credit applications across multiple platforms with the NEW! Cox Automotive Credit Application. This will save shoppers’ time and save YOU time. You can start meeting shoppers where they’re comfortable and collect all of their credit information to help close the deal faster. The Cox Automotive Credit App is all yours, and you can use it anywhere – place it on your Autotrader and VDPs, your dealer website and marketing emails for a consistent experience.​

Defy inventory shortages with New Car Custom Order

You can’t control new-car inventory shortages, but you can combat them with the right tools that expand your sales opportunities beyond your lot.

New Car Custom Order connects you with Autotrader and shoppers interested in pre-ordering their next vehicle from your dealership.

Listings Buying Signals

This powerful tool analyzes consumers’ shopping behaviors to give you easy-to-access insights for a targeted sales approach.  With AutotraderSM and Kelley Blue Book® Vehicle Listings Buying Signals you can easily prioritize the right leads: we’re talking shoppers who are 12.3 times more likely to purchase in the next 30 days.? That’s how you get more deals done.

Accelerate My Deal digital retailing

With a 24% higher gross per deal?, Accelerate My Deal is the industry-leading solution that lets shoppers start the car buying process online. They’ll get the buying experience they want, and you’ll get better leads and higher profits. It’s a win-win.

Market Extension

Whether you’re already focusing on outside markets or want to break into new ones, Market Extension is a car listing enhancement that literally delivers. You can virtually sell to shoppers anywhere you like and even send your inventory directly to their door.

search filter setting on Autotrader for "delivery to your door" with Market Extension

NEW – Market Extension Essential

For dealers interested in “delivering” sales but lacking the tools or resources to fulfill, Market Extension Essential is the perfect solution to dial in operational processes while gaining more sales opportunities. Simply set a radius around your store that you’re willing to deliver within and start capturing more market share.

illustration showing a car and location arrow on a map

Profit where the people are

Listings with Cox Automotive Digital Retailing reach an average of
shoppers per day.
Sales from Cox Automotive Digital Retailing leads result in
higher gross profits.

Other ways to hit your target market

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