Shopper Connect

Keep shoppers on a seamless path to purchase.

Your dealership website just got more connected.

As a dealership that embraces eCommerce, Shopper Connect enables you to drive transaction-ready shoppers to your dealership website’s online buying experience straight from your Autotrader and VDPs and close more deals online.

Pilot dealers had a
increase in website links after launch, generating
approximately 35% more than other dealers.?

Drive more traffic to your eCommerce experience.

Shopper Connect puts the power in your hands by driving more traffic to your dealership website’s eCommerce experience and passing enhanced Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet data through to your finance tools.

Shopper Connect

Dealers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customizable CTAs that deep-link shoppers to your website’s eCommerce tool.
  • Unique messaging that sets your listings apart on Autotrader and
  • Enhanced lead data passed directly into your finance tools to streamline conversations and close leads faster.

Shopper Connect is now available as an add-on to your listings package.

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