Never leave Co-Op money on the table again.

Autotrader makes it easy to use co-op marketing to build your brand.

The days of complicated co-ops are over.

67% of dealers say the process of using co-op dollars for digital advertising isn’t easy.?

Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book offer a variety of service levels to transform the experience and allow you to take advantage of those valuable co-op dollars. See how our approach can pay off, driving even more interactions and visits to your site.

Capitalize on co-op dollars with new, CPO and display solutions

Since 74% of new car buyers use 3rd party sites to shop, you’re missing out if you’re missing OEM marketing support.?

Dealers with an OEM co-op solution see an average 40% increase in VDP views over dealers who don’t have one. ?

Acheive a consistent advertising experience across all platforms with co-op dollars to effectively drive dealer visits. The result? CPO vehicles on Autotrader turn 30 days quicker than non-CPO.

An OEM co-op solution means more views and more visits, which leads to CPO vehicles on Autotrader selling at an average price of $2,482 higher than non-CPO.

Consistency is key

From local to regional to national, a consistent advertising experience across all tiers is the most effective at driving dealer visits.

of consumers found ads more appealing together?
42% of consumers believed the ads stand out more?
of consumers gave more info about where to buy?

Which level of co-op service is right for you?

From hands-off to heavy lifting, we provide varying degrees of oversight to ensure that your program runs smoothly.

OEM Managed

Easy, efficient, did we mention easy? Capitalize on OEM campaigns and ensure co-op eligibility with minimal effort, including turnkey billing for some OEMs. Autotrader will handle:

  • Obtaining graphics, provided by OEM partner
  • Handling reimbursement
  • Providing OEM with results and insights

Autotrader Managed

Our specialists will administer OEM campaigns and events on your behalf, which means less time spent on getting approval from the OEM (check and check!). Autotrader will handle:

  • Reviewing creative to ensure it meets your OEM’s requirements
  • Submitting for pre-approval
  • Providing documentation that you then submit for reimbursement
  • Assisting with submission issues

Dealer Managed

You’re the boss when you choose to manage your co-op program independently! Customize your messaging, check OEM compliance and submit paperwork for reimbursement. Autotrader will still handle:

  • Providing documentation that you then submit for reimbursement
  • Assisting with submission issues

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