Gear up for the new speed of retail

with flexible digital retailing solutions.

Sell cars on your terms so they can buy on theirs.

Did you know 70% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a dealer if they can start the process online? The new speed of retail is here, and shoppers expect a streamlined, digital experience. So, to help you meet them where they are, we’re ready to meet you where you are. Our flexible digital retailing solutions give you the tools to modernize at your speed.

Mix. Match. Modernize.

Combine flexible digital retailing tools to meet the needs of your dealership.

Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet

is a free financial tool on every Autotrader listing that captures information from shoppers and saves it directly to the deal, saving you time and ensuring higher quality leads. It can be seamlessly integrated with Accelerate My Deal for an even higher close rate.

Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet empowers shoppers:

  • To provide information for personalized estimated payments.
  • With financial guidance on shopping within their budgets.
  • To save information to their deal for a more seamless path to purchase.

Cox Automotive Credit Application

is a new way to acquire more shopper credit applications across multiple platforms.

  • Easy-to-use option for connecting high-value, low-funnel shoppers.
  • Access to detailed shopper information to ease financing conversations and expedite the path to purchase.
  • Use it anywhere – place it on your Autotrader and VDPs, your dealer website and marketing emails for a consistent experience.
  • Unique CTA invites shoppers to quickly apply for credit.

Shopper Connect

enables you to highlight your unique eCommerce experience, funnel shoppers directly into your tool and close more deals online.

  • Customizable CTAs that deep-link shoppers to your eCommerce tool.
  • Unique messaging sets your listings apart on Autotrader and
  • Streamline conversations and close leads faster with enhanced lead data passed directly into your finance tools.

Accelerate My Deal

identifies both the shoppers and the inventory they are interacting with. With this information, you save time and can focus on giving your inventory visibility and relevance boosts on the major marketplace aggregators. Accelerate My Deal results in higher quality leads, higher close rates, and faster sales cycles.

  • Generates higher quality leads that close more often.
  • Saves time.
  • Boosts relevance on Autotrader +

Digital retailing gets more deals done.


Of shoppers prefer to complete their purchasing transaction online.?


of shoppers say they’re more likely to buy from a dealership if they can start the process online.?


of franchise dealers plan to offer more digital retailing in the next 1-2 years.?


of dealers say digital retailing has positively impacted at least one area of their business.?

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