Draw in high-converting leads

with Accelerate My Deal digital retailing.

The future of deal-making is here

More and more, car shoppers are ready to start – and even make – deals online. Thanks to a convergence of high consumer expectations, evolving technologies and a greater understanding of online behaviors, the stage has been set for revolutionizing the deal with Accelerate My Deal.

How it works

Adding Accelerate My Deal to your Autotrader and KBB.com listings gives consumers the shopping and buying experience they want, while allowing you to maintain the integrity of your deals.

This digital retailing tool helps shoppers structure deals with real monthly payments, explore and select F&I products, schedule a test drive, complete online credit applications and reserve a vehicle straight from your listings.

Get more leads. Close more deals. Earn higher profits.

Accelerate My Deal shoppers are
more likely to submit a lead form?
Accelerate My Deal leads are
more likely to close?
Accelerate My Deal leads result in a
higher gross profit per deal?

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