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Reports, pricing tools and insights to measure and act on your performance, shopper engagement, and ROI. All in one place.

nVision analytics:
Where insights meet action

Welcome to nVision, Cox Automotive’s exclusive digital marketing analytics dashboard. Included with all Autotrader and vehicle listings subscriptions, nVision provides actionable reports on your marketing performance and predictive insights based on real shopper engagements. nVision reporting makes it easy to see your dealership’s digital advertising ROI and optimize your results with the performance, market, audience and vehicle inventory data you need.

NEW Analyze Promotion

A NEW report from nVision, giving you the ability to view performance for specific advertising products with Autotrader.

  • Get an on-demand, transparent view of performance

  • View impressions, clicks and engagement metrics over any period of time, with the ability to segment by make and Alpha Zone

NEW Analyze Leads

A NEW report from nVision that breaks down leads.

  • Get detailed insights into leads by email, text, chat, phone and Accelerate My Deal (digital retailing)

  • View lead trends over time to quickly identify shifts and optimize your strategy

  • Get detailed lead insights, including contact information and lead submission type, for quick and convenient follow-ups

Audience Explorer

Inform your advertising and strategy with the power of Cox Automotive data in the following ways:

  • Connect your inventory to relevant shopper opportunities by:

    • Vehicle type

    • Vehicle body style

    • Vehicle price

    • Vehicle mileage and more

  • Understand your audience by identifying key segments in your market, including consumers who are:

    • Ready to buy

    • Actively shopping

    • Casually browsing

    • Not currently shopping

    • Inconclusive

Analyze Inventory

Review your vehicle inventory performance by diving into:

  • Vehicle engagement with daily inventory updates

  • Customized Quick Views, for reports focused on the metrics that matter most to you

  • Vehicle scores to see which units are likely to sell

These key insights give you the power to optimize merchandising in order to get your most desirable vehicles on the front line, and assess lower-scoring vehicles fast so you can clear them out quickly.

Analyze Live

Accessing real-time views allows you to:

  • Stay informed, with real-time web activity for your inventory, refreshed every six seconds

  • Update or enhance listings to increase shopper engagement

  • Allocate more weight to listings that are performing well with shoppers

  • Optimize your reach with location-based information via live feed

Analyze Shoppers

See what’s driving shoppers and buyers to your site, with the ability to:

  • See how shoppers engage across your website and other digital channels

  • Understand when you’re reaching shoppers in the funnel

  • Monitor browsing and buying behaviors

  • Optimize your website merchandising and in-store experiences

Analyze Market

See how you rank against the competition in your market to easily identify gaps and gain more market share:

  • See your market share based on specific time frames

  • Dive into data by vehicle make, as well as type (new, used, or certified)

  • View your share of listings, search impressions and VDP views

Using insights to your advantage:
nVision Tips and Tools

See your digital marketing performance more
clearly than before

Questions or concerns?

Reach out to your Dealer Success Consultant and dive into nVision to start making decisions today that lead to stronger performance tomorrow.

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