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Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book,
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Looking to supercharge your digital marketing strategy? Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and are engineered to work harder together. With unsurpassed reach and unified products that connect with shoppers every step of the way, you’re ready to personalize the deal and build stronger relationships, keep deals consistent from start to finish, and streamline operations for faster, better deals. Ultimately, when these solutions come together, profits come in.

eBook: Three connected solutions = a better dealer and consumer experience

Achieve a better experience for you and your consumers with connected solutions from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and

Supercharge your deal-building experience.

When integrated across Autotrader and listings and websites, Accelerate My Deal creates a personalized deal-building experience for consumers, while delivering data-informed insights to dealers. Consumer data across all sites is connected and seamless (and leverages Cox Automotive’s first-party data), allowing dealers to see the complete path to purchase as consumers create deals they are more likely to act on.

By using Accelerate My Deal across both Autotrader and, you get unmatched visibility into today’s shoppers – and they get an easier, more connected experience that keeps them happy. It’s a win-win.

Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet

Empower shoppers with financial guidance to help them shop within budget, as you receive much more qualified leads, faster.

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Accelerate My Deal

Identify both shoppers and the inventory they are interacting with, and then make it easy for them to start the deal online before going to the showroom. The result? Faster sales cycles.

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Connected Digital Marketing

Unify your marketing to see the power of connected media. Connect with shoppers every step of the way with focused messaging and brand strategy across your website, advertising, and connected digital retailing.

Ready to deliver a connected deal-building experience?

With Accelerate My Deal connected across Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and

Shoppers are
Leads close
Leads result in

Drive better deals through the power of connected media.

Autotrader + Websites

When you list your inventory on Autotrader, you gain access to the largest audience of ready-to-buy shoppers. Now, you just have to make sure when they land on your website, they see what they want to see. Websites tap into exclusive data from Autotrader and to serve personalized inventory and special recommendations to your shoppers in real time.

Not to mention, simply by delivering consistent information and messaging across your website and Autotrader listings, you establish trust and transparency with shoppers. The result? More leads and faster close rates.

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Get the most actionable data in the industry with


Make ads that click.

Autotrader + Advertising Advertising taps our exclusive data to reach the right shopper with the right message at the right time. And when you target in-market shoppers with relevant inventory — including display and social channels—it’s not a far drive back to your website.

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