Outretailing the competition Prepare for today's preferred buyer experience

83% of buyers prefer to complete one part of the process online.* Accelerate your Digital Retailing and be a preferred dealer. Learn how in this webinar.

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Greta Crowley
Vice President of Marketing, Cox Automotive Media Solutions Group

Greta Crowley leads the marketing team overseeing Cox Automotive’s portfolio of industry-leading brands in the Media Solutions Group, including Autotrader, Dealer.com and Kelley Blue Book. Her team executes all marketing and advertising initiatives, drives creative strategy and design and is ultimately responsible for...

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Less than 1% of consumers like the current car-buying process.? It’s time to accelerate your digital retailing to meet their ever-changing expectations. To separate from the pack in today’s competitive automotive landscape, dealers need to embrace the preferred customer experience. This Automotive News-sponsored webinar will begin to give you the tools not only to keep up, but get ahead. Now, you won’t just be retailing with brick and mortar, you’ll be retailing at a whole new level.

Discover research on what consumers think about the current buying process. Learn about today's biggest opportunities and barriers to delivering today's successful customer experience. Find out what breaks down the barriers to that successful experience. Hear from dealers currently providing the experience buyers prefer. And uncover the tools to create a car-buying process that drives more sales.

You’ll learn to target the four main truths existing right now:

Truth #1.
Customers use the internet as a tool in the buying process. Right now, 83% prefer to complete at least one step of the purchase process online.?
Truth #2.
The dealership is still essential to completing a sale. 89% want to finish the buying process at the dealership.?
Truth #3.
Dealership staff are valuable consultants. 72% would never purchase sight unseen.?
Truth #4.
Dealers gain a competitive edge by offering steps to a sale online. 85% are more likely to buy from a dealership where they can start the buying process online.?

The most compelling stat of all? 100%. That's the percentage of dealerships needing to embrace new digital retailing processes to stay on track with customer trends. And stay on the road to more leads, more sales and a more enhanced customer experience.