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Read the definitive guide for finding good leads and avoiding the high cost of poor leads

Time is money – and one of the most significant ways for dealers to waste both is chasing bad leads. Typically, the biggest problem for dealers isn’t getting enough leads, but rather, how to correctly manage the many they do have and how to distinguish the good leads from the bad ones. While ignoring leads can result in lost sales, there is a balance between following up on poor leads and prioritizing staff time to capitalize on the best chances for sales success.

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Put the power of Autotrader’s intelligence network to work for you with these on-demand resources, designed to help you bring your A-Game every day.

Digital Influence Study

The Digital Influence Study explores the role and influence of various sites across stages in the shopping process for new vehicle shoppers and recent new vehicle purchasers

Car Buyer Journey Study

Discover new insights into consumer car-shopping behavior and shoppers’ perception of the car-buying experience.

Consumer Study: 4 Truths of “Connected” Retail

Discover new insights into consumer car-shopping behavior and shoppers’ perception of the car-buying experience.

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Front-end Fundamentals: 8 Keys to Driving a Sale

What defines operational excellence? Learn how successful dealers are reshaping variable front-end processes into a leaner, more efficient operation.

How to Market New Cars Online

This handbook offers step-by-step guidelines for how to merchandise New cars, whether on 3rd-party websites or your dealership’s site.

Online Merchandising in a Multi-Device World

Powered by multiple devices and limitless access to information, today’s “always-on” consumer is compelling automotive dealers to recalibrate their business model. The tips and tactics in this handbook will help you deliver the online experience consumers expect.

What Car Shoppers Want from Online Video

With 65% of consumers considering vehicle videos to be an important part of their car-shopping process, find out what types of video content shoppers find most helpful, and the ideal video length.


Discover where your buyers are coming from and how to align your marketing strategies to capture the most audience and convert those shoppers into store traffic.

What Drives Repeat Purchases?

Learn what drives shoppers to purchase again from the same dealer or to buy the same make and model.

Make or Break the Deal

Learn the impact of customer handling and dealership experience on purchase decisions.

Digital Audience Analysis

Not sure where online shoppers visit before (and after) they come to your website? Autotrader offers the ability to track your online users’ path to purchase