Reach more shoppers across more pages with highly relevant inventory

eLot, an inventory carousel display unit, features relevant vehicles based on shopper activity across Autotrader, KBB.com, and Dealer.com websites.

iPad with eLot carousel

eLot highlights

iPad screen with elot carousel

With prominent single dealer and multi-dealer carousel units available, as well as placement opportunities outside of the core search experience for even more effective reach, eLot drives increased advertising impact and exposure to the right shoppers across more pages.


  • // Inclusive of display-advertising placements across both Autotrader and KBB.com.
  • // Targets real-time shoppers during their valuation process.
  • // Displays the most relevant inventory available during the shopper's journey.
  • // Increases advertising impact and exposure.

Available as an add-on to any paid listings package.