Advanced Ads

Take more control of your display advertising with offsite retargeting

Advanced Ads, once only available in our Connect & Target listings package, is now available as an add-on to ANY listings package. This solution provides flexible options, allowing you to define a desired audience and customize your impression investment to retarget your shoppers with relevant inventory.

Laptop with advanced ad targeting example

Advanced Ads Highlights


  • // New! Send shoppers to your dealer website or to a specific VDP on Autotrader.
  • // New! Set your audience, geo-targeting and spend easily with the multi contract enhancement.
  • // Retarget and reengage shoppers within a large network of sites, outside of Autotrader and
  • // Find more transparent reporting available through nVision Analyze Promotion.
  • // Highlight your Dealer Home Services home delivery in the ad.
  • // Prioritize what inventory to display, with options ranging from Relevance (default) to Spotlights to Vehicle Score, all to aid inventory exposure and activity and meet your sales strategy.
  • // Shoppers see relevant and dynamic ads.

Available as an add-on to any paid listings package.