2023 Best New Cars - Autotrader
2023 Best New Cars - Autotrader

Autotrader’s Best New Cars for 2023 award winners

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The Best New Cars of 2023 list is comprised of 11 vehicles selected by a team of expert editors at Autotrader who collectively tested and scored new models using a range of criteria. Each chosen vehicle has unique features specific to various lifestyle needs, including interior comfort, build quality, tech features, driving experience and more, with the editors giving particular focus to vehicles that are groundbreaking in some way or that offer significant value. Because there are many new or redesigned vehicles for 2023, the editors only considered models available for purchase within the next nine months.

PR Newswire – Atlanta, March 7, 2023

Given the current economic climate, making large purchase decisions, like buying a new car, requires considerable research to ensure buyers are spending their hard-earned money on the best possible vehicle to match their lifestyle. With more than 300 new models available on the market this year and ever-changing technology advancements throughout the automotive industry, it can be challenging for shoppers to know which vehicle is the best fit. To help guide car shoppers who may feel overwhelmed by all of the new-car options, the experts at Autotrader, a Cox Automotive company, carefully curated a list of the Best New Cars of 2023 by narrowing down the consideration set to 11 vehicles that shine above the rest.

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