Autotrader’s Best New Cars of 2020 Award Winners

The Autotrader Best New Cars Award is intended to benefit a broad set of shoppers by highlighting a diverse group of 12 vehicles. Each vehicle on this year’s list was agreed upon unanimously by the entire editorial and data team at Autotrader. To be considered, a vehicle must be of the current or next model-year and available for purchase at the time of the announcement.

The editors capped the base price for consideration at $75,000 (although most vehicles on the list are well under), meaning they offer a significant value for the asking price. Not only was value a top priority, but vehicles also were judged on available technology and a rewarding or dynamic driving experience. Each winning car had to score an overall 3.9 or higher on the editors’ 5-point evaluation sheet.

Learn more about the best new cars of 2020 and how to leverage these awards in your marketing efforts.

PR Newswire – ATLANTA, March 25, 2020

As shoppers shift online across all categories for both every day essentials and aspirational needs, they are facing a new reality. Within the automotive space, they are experiencing an increasingly crowded virtual marketplace, where visiting multiple dealerships isn’t practical. So, how are new-car buyers to know which vehicles are most worthy of their consideration in today’s environment? While there are several mainstays long-known for excellence in the automotive industry, the truth remains that standout vehicles can be found among a variety of price points, categories and brands.

2020 Best New Cars

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