Welcome to the Autotrader Advisory Board.


The collective ambition of the Autotrader Advisory Board is to explore innovative solutions that solve real business challenges throughout the automotive industry. This collection of industry professionals will collaborate on key initiatives aimed at shaping the auto industry as a whole, as well as Autotrader’s business model.

What To Expect:

The Board will meet virtually every 2 months. Our next meeting will be 2:00 to 3:00 Eastern, September 10 where we will review the balance of the information we had prepared and get your feedback on solutions that have yet to hit the marketplace. We look forward to meeting with you all!

The objective of these meetings is to continue to foster a strong relationship with our clients in an atmosphere that promotes real and authentic opportunities for constructive conversation throughout the agenda.

Market Update

Performance During the Pandemic – September 10th Autotrader Advisory Board Update

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Automotive industry leaders

Term Limit:
One-year membership

NDAs required


Product Innovation:
Discuss near and long-term product ideas that improve value

Data & Analytics:
Share best practices on the use of fact-based, data-driven decisions

Value Promotions:
Assist in determining promotions

Pricing and Packaging:
Provide insight on pricing


Virtual Meetings, Every Other Month:
Next meeting: September 10th, 2:00 – 3:00pm EST

Monthly Surveys:
Surveys will be conducted to receive feedback on topics and initiatives

Live Meetings:
One in-person meeting will take place annually, replacing one of the bi-monthly webinars​