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Solutions to reach farther, close faster and profit more in 2024:

Jump-start the deal-building process with digital retailing.
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  • Accelerate My Deal (Integration available with your website)
  • Cox Automotive Credit Application
  • Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet
  • Shopper Connect
Stand out from the competition with display advertising.
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  • Advanced Ads
  • Advanced Ads Premium (Includes social retargeting)
  • Targeted Display – NEW!
Increase new-car inventory consideration and capture pre-order leads.
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  • New Car Boost – NEW!
  • New Car Custom Order
Expand your sales footprint to outside markets with distance retailing.
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  • Intelligent Market Extension – NEW!
  • Market Extension
  • Market Extension Essential
Access more insights and shopper data on your leads.
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  • Listings Buying Signals
See how your digital marketing investment is driving sales.
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  • nVision Performance Dashboard
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