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Unlock one connected experience with Autotrader
+ other Cox Automotive solutions.
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Start the Deals.

Accelerate My Deal

Level up your digital retailing experience and jump-start the deal with Accelerate My Deal — the industry’s most trusted and user-centric digital shopping experience — across Autotrader and websites. Capture shopper purchase intent throughout all stages of the buying journey and deliver a consistent experience for your customers. What does that mean for you? Time savings, higher quality leads and higher close rates for you, and more satisfaction for your customers.

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Accelerate My Deal
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Cox Automotive’s data can be your superpower.

The shopper journey is no longer fragmented—it’s predictive, fast, and personalized.

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Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet

Build trust and transparency, improve the shopping-to-buying journey, and drive more quality connections between you and your customers with Kelley Blue Book My Wallet on Autotrader and

Consumers can start a lead from wherever they are shopping, and their information will carry seamlessly through each destination, increasing satisfaction and engagement. And when you get insights into the shoppers’ financial profiles on these leads, you’re able to facilitate a personalized sales process with less friction.

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Cox Automotive Retail360

For shoppers that want to do most of the digital retailing steps online, but still want the in-person experience in the showroom, Retail360 offers an enhanced retail experience that combines our industry-leading solutions into a single deal workflow that enables you to work deals consistently, no matter where a consumer starts their car buying journey — online or in-store.


Cox Automotive Esntial Commerce

For consumers who want to fully transact online, Esntial Commerce connects you with ready-to-buy shoppers and unlocks Cox Automotive’s unmatched data insights to deliver an online buying experience for shoppers who want to complete the buying process with an online transaction.

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Seamlessly pair exclusive shopper insights from Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book
with the full ecosystem of powerful Cox Automotive solutions to:

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Learn more about these powerful integrations:

Helps shoppers understand their purchase power so you get higher-quality leads.

Makes it easy for shoppers to start the deal online before going to the showroom.

Uses our shopper insights to bring one view of the shopper and the deal into an intuitive experience.

Connect with ready-to-buy shoppers and unlock powerful consumer insights to fully transact online.

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