Tips for Delivering Satisfaction and Sales With Local Home Vehicle Delivery

Apr 13, 2020
The Autotrader Team

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A family in front of the new car that has been delivered to their driveway

In recent posts, we’ve discussed the value of live video walkarounds and at-home test drives and shared best practices for making the most of these virtual sales strategies. Now, let’s focus on local home delivery. We’ll share tips for promoting your dealership’s virtual sales offerings, getting buyers on board and using home delivery to keep sales moving.

Merchandise and advertise home delivery, early and often

The key to winning customers with home delivery and other virtual buying services is effectively promoting them. So, here are some ways to get the word out to your local market:

Tip 1: First, use clear and consistent messaging across your website, listings and other advertising channels. That way, every potential buyer will be in the know, and you’ll drive a level of comfort for shoppers.

Tip 2: Remember, you can promote local vehicle delivery, virtual walkarounds and home test drives on your Autotrader and listings with our new Dealer Home Services. These tools are included with all Autotrader listings subscriptions, and you can choose any or all that make sense for your store.

  • Pro Tip: If you’re an Autotrader client, reach out to your Dealer Success Consultant (DSC) to request free website banners to promote delivery and other Dealer Home Services. We’ve created these so you can extend the impact of these offerings to your own website.

Tip 3: In addition to vehicle merchandising, merchandise your dealership! Across all your marketing and advertising, show car shoppers how you’re making car-buying from home safe and simple. Don’t forget to share how far you’re willing to ship and any associated costs. Also, feature any reviews, ratings or testimonials that will reinforce your position as a trusted dealer.

Tip 4: Connect with consumers who want to support local businesses. Right now, though physical contact is limited, many people are eager to support their neighbors remotely. So, let your community know that their trusted local dealership is here to help them buy in a modern, safe and simple way.

Converting home delivery leads into touchless car sales

Since home vehicle delivery is new for most shoppers, they’ll need some education about how car buying from home works. And they’ll also need assurances that they’re making the right choice of vehicle and dealership.

Tip 5: Take a look at your sales and lead follow-up processes. What virtual steps can you add or expand to ensure that each potential buyer grows to trust you and really gets to know the vehicle of interest? Consider live virtual walkarounds via video chat and at-home test drives (and check out our tips for each).

Tip 6: Then, educate everyone on your business development and sales staff about your virtual sales process (and any possible limitations), so they can have impactful conversations with potential buyers, and you can start delivering with ease.

Tip 7: Be sure to provide highly detailed vehicle comments, photos and video on your dealership website and third-party listings. Make sure there are no surprises and shoppers have the information they need to keep the sale moving.

Tip 8: Once you’ve done a live video walkaround and possibly a test drive from home, be open to ordering additional inspections from AiM or BlueStar to ease any hesitations.

Tip 9: Use third-party vendors or established partners for steps like fraud protection and document signing upon delivery to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

Getting used to a new, virtual car buying and selling process

Consumers have been shopping for cars online since Autotrader began over 20 years ago, but the virtual, contactless buying process is new for most consumers and many dealers. So, it’s essential to educate ourselves and our customers and work to build confidence and trust in the process.

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