Navigating economic challenges

Increase sales during and even after tough times.

Dealer Success Guide

During difficult economic times, it can be extremely tempting to cutback or completely eliminate advertising to minimize profit loss. However, advertising can still help increase sales during and even after tough times.
In this Dealer Success Guide we’re sharing:

The benefits of advertising during tough times

Strategies to stay focused

Levers to pull to drive revenue

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As the saying goes:

When times are good, advertise.

When times are bad, advertise more.

Solutions top-performing clients are using to navigate today’s economy

Take more control of your display advertising with offsite re-targeting.

This solution provides flexible options, allowing you to define audiences and customize impression investment to re-target shoppers with relevant inventory.

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Let at-home car shoppers know you deliver cars without leaving your lot.

With vehicle delivery advertising, it’s easy to promote your vehicle delivery services, expand your sales footprint and close more deals.

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Promote what makes you stand out from the competition with Skyscraper ads.

Serve up the right inventory at the right time with ads matching the shopper’s search criteria – as they’re shopping.

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