Vehicle advertisements and pricing guidelines for dealers

Effective: July 1, 2020

Thanks for your interest in vehicle listings on Autotrader. To help us create a level playing field for consumers and dealers, we created the following guidelines for vehicle advertising and pricing for display on the Autotrader websites, mobile and other online applications and products and services (collectively, the “Autotrader Sites”).

If the advertisements or prices do not adhere to these guidelines, or if vehicles are mispriced (e.g.: typos – $3,000 asking price for vehicle with $30,000 MSRP), Autotrader reserves the right to take any action, at any time, that Autotrader deems appropriate, in Autotrader’s sole discretion and opinion, pursuant to Visitor Agreement. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, removing one or more vehicle listings, hiding prices from display in a vehicle listing, removing badges or pricing comparisons from listings (e.g.: Price Advisor, Good/Great Price). Autotrader will provide notice to dealers and allow them the opportunity to correct the advertisement or pricing, and such corrections will be displayed on the Autotrader Sites.

Vehicle Advertisements

  1. Only a single vehicle can be advertised per listing/vehicle detail page.
  2. Vehicle must be identified accurately by year, make, model, trim, equipment, VIN, and stock number.
    1. Vehicle mileage must be included and accurate for each vehicle.
  3. Dealer must have possession of the vehicle.
  4. Dealer must have the right to sell and immediately transfer title for the vehicle.
  5. Vehicle must be removed from inventory feed immediately after sold, no later than 24 hours.

Advertised Prices

  1. Price must be available to most shoppers.
    1. No qualifications should be required to receive the price (e.g.: Military or College Grad rebates should not be reflected in asking price).
    2. No financing of any amount or from any party should be required to receive the price.
    3. The price must be available regardless of payment method (Price cannot be available to those who pay in some preferred method of payment, e.g.: available only to those who are financing).
    4. A trade-in cannot be required to receive the price.
    5. No minimum down payment or trade-in equity can be required.
  2. Price may be reduced by a rebate, incentive and/or offer that is available to most buyers without conditions, eligibility or other requirements.
    1. Price cannot be reduced by a trade-in or down payment amount
    2. Rebates, incentives and/or offers may be combined provided such combination is (i) in accordance with OEM requirements, (ii) available to most shoppers, and (iii) allowed by applicable state laws.
  3. Tax, title, license/registration fees may be included in a disclosure/disclaimer.
    1. All other fees and charges must be either included in the price or displayed/disclosed in accordance with applicable state and other laws (e.g.: destination/handling, document, reconditioning, dealer fees).
    2. All charges and fees for any options/aftermarket equipment already installed by dealer must be included in price.

Autotrader may audit the dealer’s site, use third-party sites and pricing, complaints and other information as a basis for its decisions and actions related to dealer advertisements and prices.

In addition to these Guidelines, dealers must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules, and ordinances, including, but not limited to those relating to false or deceptive advertising, motor vehicle advertising and automotive finance.

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