Kevin LeSage – Biography

Kevin LeSage headshot, Director of Digital Marketing at Autotrader

Kevin LeSage – Director of Digital Marketing for Autotrader

Kevin influences product development as well as sales and marketing strategy at Autotrader. Kevin began his career launching SEO and Advertising for and then transitioned into an account manager role, where he oversaw dealers’ online strategy success. Kevin went on to sales, where he finished in the top three percent across Cox Automotive, helping customize digital strategies for dealers across the US. Next, he managed the analytics product for Cox Automotive, before moving to Autotrader to focus on digital marketing strategy.

Kevin is happiest with his sleeves rolled up, getting dirty in data.

Highlights of recent appearances featuring Kevin LeSage

VIDEO: Kevin’s Facebook appearance with DealerRefresh for RefreshFriday where he discusses Dealer Home Services, strategies for at-home delivery, qualified leads, and market extension.

VIDEO: How to leverage Autotrader virtual tools to achieve real results. From the Cox Automotive Forward Focus Conference.

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