3 Ways to Keep a Car Shopper’s Focus Online

Aug 4, 2022
The Autotrader Research Department

Consumer behaviors are evolving quickly, especially over the past few years during changing and distracting times. These rapid and big changes have left many in the auto industry wondering how to not only gain a car shopper’s focus online, but more importantly how to keep their focus in order to stay top of mind throughout the purchase process to win their interest, trust and hopefully the deal. 

Part of the challenge stems from consumers recently breaking the internet with queries for terms like Ukraine. When something like this happens, Google calls it “distracted queries,” as people search to find news and information on current events instead of their usual shopping/commerce queries. These “distracted queries” cause a decline in almost every other search category.  

Now, couple that with the added changes and confusion on how to navigate the new changes. This has caused the path to purchase to become more disjointed than usual — however, consumers still need cars and are searching online for them. And you have the opportunity and ability to gain and keep their focus. 

Keep a shopper’s focus with the right messages, customized content and retargeting online. 

While shoppers might be distracted, they are still online. It’s important now more than ever to help them keep their focus and stay in front of them every step of the way during the purchase process. Below find the top three ways you can do that effectively and successfully. 

1. Create the right messaging — does your dealership ensure your messaging is not only engaging, but accurate?  

By providing both engaging and accurate messaging, you will not only catch a buyer’s interest, but you’ll also gain their trust. And when you gain trust, you are better positioned to close deals and increase loyalty which has a value well beyond the initial sale. 

2. Customized content for your ideal customer — do you make sure your content is highly visible as well as crafted to evoke a desired action from the customer?  

When you sell to the specific customer, vs. just selling the car, you have now provided an online experience. Buyers today desire a personalized experience online and by creating highly visible content throughout that process, that speaks directly to their specific needs and wants, this will help customers come back into the funnel if they stray off course. 

3. Incorporate retargeting with your ads, website and online content — do you implement retargeting practices and monitor them frequently to make sure they are performing? Do they need to be adjusted?  

Make the most of your ad dollars and visibility opportunities online by implementing ways that are working, as well as monitor those results so that you are able to quickly make changes that will better position those ads and content. With a shortened purchase process, that is predominately online in today’s times, it’s more important than ever to stay alongside of your customer every step of the way. Retargeting will help customers keep their focus so that you’re top of mind throughout the purchase process, as well as after the sale for service and other revenue opportunities. 

Want help making the buying process a more informed one for your customer? The Deal Doers Solution. 

Autotrader and Kelly Blue Book offer ways to help you easily achieve this goal. For example, 

Advanced Ads display advertising will leverage offsite exposure to bring customers back to your VDPs. 

We invite you to connect with us to take a deeper look into ways to capture a buyer’s focus online in order to help maximize your messaging and create a more personalized experience for the customer. As your trusted partner at Cox Automotive we provide you with the solutions to run your dealership more efficiently, driving quality leads. But we also want to provide you with insights into what we see working. Our success, data, audiences and destinations can be yours as well. 

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