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Accelerate My Deal

Faster Deals.
Happier Buyers.

Accelerate My Deal means more leads, faster deal-building, and higher profits.

Accelerate My Deal
shoppers are
more likely to
submit a lead?
Accelerate My Deal
leads close
faster than other
internet leads?
Accelerate My Deal
sales result in
higher gross
profit per deal?

Meet ready-to-buy shoppers where they are with digital retailing experiences that drive faster deals.

70% of consumers prefer to start the car-buying process online. ? Accelerate My Deal allows shoppers to initiate the car-buying process on your Autotrader and listings before stepping into your dealership to finish the deal. It’s an intuitive deal-building experience that reduces the complexity of car-buying and results in faster deals and happier buyers.

Customers control the journey.
You control the deal. It’s a win-win!​

Accelerate My Deal creates the most streamlined, simplified and transparent buying experience possible without compromising your sales process.

This digital retailing tool enables shoppers to build their own deal proposal with the same payment and deal terms you would offer in-store – keeping you in control of the deal they make.

Why Choose Accelerate My Deal?

Trusted by
+7K dealers?
It’s a win-win.
Boosts your intentory’s visibility
on Autotrader
7 out
shoppers prefer to
start the process online?
On all sides.
Guided deal building