Video Capabilities

Access Marketplace offers advertisers the ability to target automotive shoppers at any point in their internet session. Access also lets you target our exclusive in-market shoppers with your video ads. With access to over 1 billion monthly video streams, our video solution not only reaches highly qualified audiences in an engaging video environment, it also helps you achieve unprecedented ROI for your online video campaigns.

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive automotive shopping BT data sourced only from
  • 100% data transparency only found with Access Marketplace
  • Ability to target shoppers based on their browsing activity on
  • Four levels of targeting options: Auto Intender, Body Style, Make and model
  • Targeting available at both National and DMA levels
  • Purchase 3rd party BT data to integrate psychographic and demographic attributes into Access Marketplace campaigns (ex: Auto Intender shoppers and Gadget Geek)
  • Ability to provide pre-campaign list that reflects potential sites where Access Marketplace BT ads could serve

IAB Video
Units Available

  • In-stream video
  • Companion banner
  • Interactive overlay
  • Powerroll
  • In-synch video takeover