We have the ability to integrate into multiple display and video inventory sources to reach car shoppers that have previously visited AutoTrader.com. Additionally, Access Marketplace works with multiple Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Ad Exchanges to increase our reach across the internet. This flexibility allows us to broadcast your brand’s message to auto shoppers across roughly 80% of the internet.

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive automotive shopping BT data sourced only from AutoTrader.com
  • 100% data transparency only found with Access Marketplace
  • Ability to target shoppers based on their browsing activity on AutoTrader.com
  • Four levels of targeting options: Auto Intender, Body Style, Make and model
  • Targeting available at both National and DMA levels
  • BT campaigns are optimized in real-time by leveraging DSP technology
  • Ability to integrate conversion pixels on client site to maximize campaign performance against back-end client metrics
  • Ability to place re-targeting pixels on client site to further grow the targetable data pool and reach additional automotive shoppers
  • Purchase 3rd party BT data to integrate psychographic and demographic attributes into Access Marketplace campaigns (ex: Auto Intender shoppers and Hispanic)
  • Ability to provide pre-campaign list that reflects potential sites where Access Marketplace BT ads could serve