Autotrader’s 2016 Must Test Drive Awards

Autotrader selects 10 vehicles that car shoppers must add to their list in 2016

The 10 Must Test Drive Award Winning Vehicles

Reaching car shoppers & promoting the awarded vehicles

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski explains why his car should be on the list!

We’re spreading the news to help drive shopper interest in these vehicles—and to drive them into your dealership. Autotrader’s media tour to announce the Must Test Drive Awards secured more than 19 interviews with TV and radio outlets across the country, and the supporting Audio News Release was distributed to over 400 radio stations.
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PR Newswire – Atlanta, March 22, 2016

For consumers in the market for a new car, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new – and newly redesigned – models that have been released since they last bought a car. Autotrader’s editorial team is helping consumers narrow down the many choices on the market today by selecting the top 10 vehicles that shoppers should experience for themselves. Announced today, Autotrader’s Must Test Drive vehicle lineup for 2016 includes a wide range of body styles to ensure no matter what kind of vehicle a shopper is considering, the list will point them in the right direction for their next purchase.

“We created the Must Test Drive Awards to highlight vehicles that are unexpectedly good,” said Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader.

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How many vehicles did Autotrader test drive?

We’ve driven hundreds of cars. We’ve logged thousands of test miles. We’ve been on open highways, winding back roads, crowded city streets and rutted dirt trails. While your office gets into arguments about sports or politics, we fight about leather-seat thickness and alloy-wheel design. And it’s all for a good reason: our list of 10 must test drive cars for 2016.

Compiling our list wasn’t easy. We’ve whittled down dozens of cars we’ve driven this year into just 10 winners, with a few key criteria in mind. Namely, each car on our list has to offer some unexpected benefits, touting traits and attributes that should change the way you think about the vehicle in question and perhaps even about the overall brand itself.

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