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The Warranty Advantage Program, designed to drive online traffic to sales by combining F&I with digital marketing solutions by leveraging the leading third party automotive websites.

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Cost-effectively drive online traffic to profitable sales

Uniquely merchandise your warrantied inventory on the Vehicle Details Pages, influencing shoppers to select your dealership because when it comes to helping shoppers decide which dealership to buy from, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book are the most-useful third-party automotive websites.**

Even better, you don't pay the warranty cost until the vehicle moves.

**2016 Car Buyer Journey presented by Autotrader Kelley Blue Book
*Kelley Blue Book expected in Q4 2016

Car shoppers are willing to spend more for a vehicle backed with terms such as
warranty, inspected, reliable, and dependable.*

*2015 Autotrader CPO Study

Here's what we know

Buyers feel vulnerable when it comes to F&I products but they appreciate the peace of mind that comes with them.

Vehicle claims typically occur during the first 12 months of ownership, and to a buyer, that could mean the choice between a repair bill or loan payment*.

Most claims occur in the first 12 months of ownership*

*NIADA's Used Car Industry Report 2015

Here's what that means to you

Begin your point of connection with trust — show shoppers buying with you means they can rest assured they won’t be making tough decisions between repair bill and loan payment.

Give them another reason to buy from you — get an economical marketing tool to elevate your dealership from the competition and capture shopper’s attention online.

Leverage your partners — combine F&I with digital marketing solutions to make a warranty work even harder for you.


Here's what it is

Vehicle Standards

  • VIN-Based vehicle warranty
  • Available on most year, make, model and mileage vehicles
  • Merchandised on the Autotrader vehicle details page
  • Facilitated by F&I Express. Contracts and claims administered by AUL

Coverage Levels

  • 30 day / 1,000 mile powertrain and roadside assistance
  • 4 month / 5,000 mile powertrain, brakes and electric
  • 12 month / 12,000 mile powertrain, 60 day brakes, and electric


What does dealer responsibility include?

The dealer agrees to certify that all eligible vehicles sold with a Contract have been inspected and reconditioned before delivery. Failures occurring in the first thirty (30) days of coverage may, at the Administrator’s discretion, require a copy of dealer’s reconditioning repair for claims consideration. Denied claims shall be the sole responsibility of the dealer.

Reconditioning includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Engine Oil – Inspect and change oil and filter if needed.
  2. Automatic Transmission – Check shift pattern and inspect the fluid. Change fluid and service if needed.
  3. Correct any malfunction before delivery.
What vehicles qualify for the Warranty Advantage Program?

Vehicles of any model years with less than 150k on the odometer, except for a short list of ineligibles, please see attached.

Do I need to have an in-dealership service department?

No. Dealerships without a service department can participate.

Do I need to have an F&I office to participate?

No. Dealerships without an F&I office can participate and there are several helpful selling tools available.

How do these companies interact to deliver the warranty?

The warranty is promoted by Cox Automotive, facilitated by F&I Express, contracts and claims are administered by AUL, and insured by American Bankers. We partner together to make an efficient and seamless process for the dealer.

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