2019 Car Buyer
Journey Study

2019 Car Buyer Journey Study
Top Actionable Trends

To see all the key trends in consumer vehicle buying behaviors, check out the 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study. It’s a look at how long buyers are spending in market, where they’re researching and shopping, how many dealerships they’re visiting, how satisfied they are with their dealership experience, and more. In this newsletter, we’ll look at some of the top actionable trends you’ll want to keep an eye on!

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Shopper Insights to help you win

Meeting Buyers Where They Are

80% of vehicle buyers surveyed visited third-party sites, compared to only 46% for dealer sites?. So, make sure your third-party listings are optimized to grab and keep their attention so you can convert that interest to a call, chat, lead, click or visit.

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Getting the most from your advertising

Many Buyers Aren’t Shopping Around, So . . .

Buyers visit an average of only 4.2 automotive websites, and 41% of them only visit one dealership in person?. So, when you get their attention online, you’ve got to get them to “yes”! On your dealership website and all your third-party listings, make sure you’re providing:

  • Transparent pricing details everywhere your vehicles are listed – We’ve got you covered with Price Advisor on Autotrader. Do you need a trusted price tool on your website?
  • Complete and compelling merchandising – great photos, informative descriptions, full vehicle options, videos. Get tips here.
  • Take it up a notch with trade-in and digital retailing tools that help convert shoppers to buyers.

Autotrader Update

Autotrader's New Consumer Campaign

Unless you've been living in France or the Nordic woodlands, you've probably seen the new Autotrader spot running nationwide on TV, digital and social. Haven't seen it yet? Check out the newest way we're driving car buyers to your vehicle listings.

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