Anonymous Text To Dealer FAQs

Who is eligible for Anonymous Text?

The option to ‘Text Dealer Anonymously’ will start appearing on Autotrader VDPs in our mobile and desktop experiences for our clients provisioned with both chat (regardless of usage) and Autotrader Call Tracking number(s). With their call tracking number now text-enabled, shoppers can engage with these eligible dealers 24/7.

Why Anonymous?

Anonymous texting immediately eases consumer’s concerns about privacy and allows dealers to earn their trust through an ongoing conversation. The consumer is provided the opportunity to feel secure about making first contact with a dealership.

How to receive/respond to anonymous texts from shoppers?

Dealers using anonymous texts will receive and respond the same way they currently manage their chats. Some differences to be aware of:

  • The text window will look slightly different. It will be labeled ‘Mobile Text Connect’ and display a completely masked phone number
  • Chats can only be received when users are active. Text can be received at any time – either initial message or subsequent messages.
  • Daily notifications will be sent to the dealership if they have any new incoming text messages that need attention. They will continue to receive the notifications until the text is answered or paused.
  • Chats are contained within clear start and end times. Texts are open-ended, without clearly defined end times.
  • Similar to chat leads, anonymous Text leads will only go to their CRM if the shopper provides either a first name or last name AND an email address or phone number in the text message content.

Where can I download the Contact At Once desktop and mobile apps?

The Contact At Once desktop and mobile apps are available for download here. You will need your Contact At Once user ID and password to use the apps (Find more about ID/PW below).

What if I forget my password to the Contact At Once customer portal? How can I reset it?

Reset your Contact At Once portal password by clicking on the "I forgot my password" link on the customer portal homepage.

Contact At Once support



Contact At Once Desktop and Mobile App Training

Contact At Once Text Training is also available here:
Note: This is general Contact At Once training, and it does not represent our Anonymous Text solution:

  • The shopper’s phone numbers will be completely masked. The dealer’s number will only be partially masked by the Contact At Once solution.
  • Initiating texts to shoppers is not something that will be available to dealers through Autotrader. All incoming anonymous texts will come from our Autotrader experiences.
  • At this time, no photos/videos will be sent or received.

What if I don't want the anonymous text feature?

To opt out of anonymous text only, please contact Dealer Support. You may still continue to use chat and Autotrader Call Tracking number(s).

What if I don't want the anonymous text feature, don't plan to use chat?

Please contact Dealer Support and ask to be de-provisioned from chat. The text feature will automatically become unavailable once chat is de-provisioned.

How do I see my Text Performance?

Incoming text will be combined with chats in the DAR and Dealer Site prospects.

The 2 reports available in the portal are:

  • MTC Performance Report – Summarizes dealer’s text performance for a certain period of time.
  • Mobile Text Connect Detail Report - Provides the details of each text within a certain period of time, including the transcripts.

How should my team/ agents be handling Anonymous Text?

For incoming text, your team/ agents should not be asking for any contact information beyond a first name. The shopper initiated the text, and expects anonymity until their immediate questions are answered and /or they are willing to disclose.

If contact information is disclosed (first name or last name AND an email address or phone number), a CRM lead will be created automatically.

If texts are open-ended, how does the conversation end?

Shoppers can opt-out of text conversations at any time. If that happens, a dealer associate can no longer respond to that shopper. Or, if the text conversation comes to a mutual end, the conversation can be paused so the dealership no longer receives notification. If the conversation is paused, either party can re-engage at any point in time.

Where can I find my user ID and password for Contact At Once?

Please call 1-866-358-3880, email ( or live chat support from the Contact At Once website ( The administrator for the account can also retrieve your user ID and password from the Contact At Once portal. Simply go to Provisioning (top navigation bar), then clicks Provision Agent (left-hand menu).

How do I create a new account with Contact at Once?

When provisioned with the chat feature by Autotrader, you received a welcome email from Contact At Once with instructions on how to create an administrator login and start setting up your account (including downloading the answering software). The Contact At Once dealer enablement team follows up with and assists dealers who haven’t activated the software.

If you are not provisioned with chat and want to be, contact your Cox Automotive Advertising Consultant.