Pricing confidence right from your Autotrader listings

Build trust with the help of the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor, now on your Autotrader used car listings

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When used car shoppers are looking to find a fair deal, they turn to the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor. Now, shoppers can get that expert pricing information on your used car listings without ever having to leave your VDP. It’s pricing that gives them the confidence they need to take the next step into your dealership and the flexibility you require.

How Price Advisor works

Most price valuation tools simply take the average of similar vehicles on a website to produce a value. Consumers don’t get a full picture because of the limited number of vehicles being valued. Price Advisor gives consumers a statistically significant range of what they can expect to pay this week for a vehicle in your local market of the same year, make, model and MSRP, excluding taxes, title, fees, rebates or incentives.

How the Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Range is Derived:

  • Tens of thousands of actual transactions
  • Current supply and demand
  • Regional and seasonal factors

Updated weekly based on tens of thousands of actual transactions.

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Clarity and confidence for shoppers
on every used vehicle

Our research has consistently demonstrated that shoppers want a fair price, not necessarily the lowest. Price Advisor gives you the ability to instantly provide a range-based approach to pricing from the industry’s most-trusted pricing resource for every used vehicle in your inventory.

Price Advisor was designed to reduce tension during pricing discussions by giving shoppers realistic pricing expectations with a range that shows what they can expect to pay. Shoppers see value to market so they know whether or not they’re getting a good deal. It helps shoppers feel confident about the price and builds trust, which equals a smoother deal.

Benefits for you:

  • Helps bring car buyers one step closer to being ready for a deal
  • More realistic shopper expectations and streamlined negotiation
  • Trust in your dealership and your vehicle pricing

Benefits for local shoppers in your area:

  • Pricing research and shopping in one step from your VDP
  • An understanding of how your vehicle’s price compares to similar in-market vehicles
  • Pricing information from a source they trust, built on 85+ years of valuations experience

As the most influential car listings site for helping buyers decide where to purchase, we’re always looking for ways for you to deliver a best-in-class experience to consumers who are looking at your cars. That’s why we’ve added Price Advisor to your listings. The best part is, this is at no additional cost to you.