Mobile: Luxury Sedans Pick Up Speed

2015 Mercedes

Luxury sedans are staking their claim in the rise in mobile shopping activity, with the category up double digits.  The three German luxury giants have benefited most (notably, Mercedes-Benz has overtaken BMW for the mobile luxury sedan leadership position), but they are also open to risk as rivals flex their mobile muscles.  For instance, Acura’s TLX has quickly risen in the midsize ranks and Infiniti’s entry-level Q50 is the #2 growth model across all luxury sedan segments.  All luxury OEMs are vulnerable to shifts in attention on mobile — even among lead pack contenders, models and ranks have shifted across all three segments.  Given that nearly half of all luxury sedan interactions now occur on mobile, pre-empting or reacting to those shifts is critical, as they can have an immediate and significant impact on overall brand strength.