Luxury: Models Facing the Most Competitive Pressure – August 2015

08-06-2015 Industry Snapshot – Luxury Cross Shopping 2015 Acura TLX

The stakes are high for these luxury models in fighting for shopper attention, and no brand is immune to the pressure (28% of the models experiencing significant cross-shopping belong to the German luxury leaders).  With all of the major brands represented, luxury OEMs should take note of these competitive pressure trends at both a model and brand level, as prevalence can signify broader brand challenges (for instance, five of Volvo’s six models are on the list).  Also evident are challenges for new models – all of the new entries within the last year in these segments are on the list except one (Lexus NX).  For each of these contenders, the conversion battle is tougher – efforts to refocus shopper attention are the key to improving the odds of winning it.