OEM Solutions

Retention – 2018

Target shoppers considering your brand.

Both IAB and native executions placed strategically in the shopper’s path.

Retention allows you to reach shoppers already considering your brand on any platform at either a National or Regional level.

Opportunity Highlights:

  • Increase reach to shoppers on make/model specific Research and Editorial pages
  • OEM brand pre-roll on in-player make/model specific videos
  • Leverage the Considering or Equally Considering Audience Profile targeting to reach a more intentional audience already contemplating your model
Ad Size

300x250 or 300x600, Hero Image/Integrated Header (990x233), 728x90, Premium Spotlight/Spotlight (727x200 & 305x435)

Download Ad Specs:
Leaderboard – 728×90
Medium Rectangle – 300×250
Half Page
Ad Specs:

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Make Search Page:

Integrated header

  • 990×233
  • No animation
  • HTML5
  • Sponsored background image must span the entire width and of header (990×233)
    • Vehicle requirements:
      • Must correspond with style of page (e.g.: only coupes may be pictured on header for Coupe style page, hatchbacks for Hatchback style page, etc.)
      • Entire vehicle must appear in image
    • May not conflict with/appear in the Page Copy Area (360×200) on left side of header
      • Headline, body copy and CTA in the safe area must be visible and legible
      • Headline and body copy: dark grey (#333333)
      • Text link: blue (#505FBB)
    •  Sponsorship logo:
      • Must be present
      • 200×60
      • Only one logo per header
    • “Sponsored by” text must be present above sponsor logo
    • Header may contain two hyperlinks in text form
      • 35 Character limit
      • 1 link must go to internal SRP
      • other link can go to OEM site
    • Text and logo must appear in the right side of the sponsored area
      • dimensions 320×233
  • Make Search
  • Search Form
  • Search Results
  • Vehicle Details
  • Research/Editorial
Assets Required:

Make Search Page:

  • Integrated header; third party creative tag
  • 300×250; third party creative tag

IAB Units:

  • Desktop
    • third party creative tags
  • Mobile
    • third party creative tags
What the Package Includes:
Page Name Included in Package Version Ad Size Ad Serving Tags/Details Required IAB / Custom Targeting Criteria
Make Search    300x250 or 300x600, Hero Image/Integrated Header (990x233)      Third Party Served; Site Served  Make & All 
Search Form    300x250 or 300x600      Third Party Served  Make; New/All 
Search Results    728x90, Premium Spotlight/Spotlight (727x200 & 305x435)      Third Party Served; Site Served  Make; Model; New/All 
Vehicle Details    300x250      Third Party Served  Make & Model; New/All 
Research/Editorial    300x250      Third Party Served  Make; Model 

Tier 1; Tier 2; Certified; Major Accounts


Core and Mobile

Product Type:








Product Details:

Optional Targeting Add-ons:

  • Video Pre-roll (:15-:30) – (Make/Model Contextual Target)
  • Audience Onsite: Desktop + Mobile (personal shopper profiles – Considering; Equally Considering)
  • Audience Offsite: (Considering; Equally Considering)
Product Rules:

Integrated header must include a link to the Autotrader Search Results Page.

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Product approval required for all custom ads not built by Autotrader.



  • Search form ads will refresh based Make, Search Type
  • Make pages are targetable by Make and DMA; the ads do not refresh based on filters.
  • Search Results page- Scenario 1
    – Ad serves based on selection of the first Make 1.
    – If Make 1 is removed, the ads will rotate Make 2, Make 3, etc.
    – Scenario 2
    – No Make is selected on initial view of search results page, then shopper selects Makes from the fly-out. Ads will rotate and are not selected based on Make 1, Make 2, etc.