OEM Solutions

Programmatic Guaranteed

How It Works

Campaigns that are guaranteed and allow client side-automation

Programmatic Guaranteed services a fixed number of impressions the buyer has committed to purchasing. CPM, ad sizes, and start/end date for the buy are all fixed. The buyer must bid sufficiently to meet the impression goal agreed upon in the buy terms.

  • Leverage Google’s tech
  • Supported via DFP
  • Reservation based via OMS with guaranteed inventory

Pricing: fixed CPM

Business Rules/Governance: Follows Google’s guidelines for third party ad serving and creative

  • Publisher & Buyer RFP: DV360, The Trade Desk, Amobee, Adobe, MediaMath, Oath, Adform (EMEA)
  • Buyer RFP Only: DataXu, Xandr (AppNexus)

Edits that require buyer approval/re-approval

Buyer approval required for: Deals Renegotiated

  • Changes to CPM
  • Changes to approved impression volumes
  • Changes to the delivery dates
  • Removing (aka archiving) line items
  • Adding line items
  • Changes to ad sizes
  • Changes to additional terms

Buyer approval NOT required for: Deals NOT renegotiated

  • Changes to targeting
  • Proposal/line item names
  • Delivery settings
  • Delivery priority
  • Labels / custom fields / comments
  • Other


Ad Size

300x250, 300x600, 320x50, Audience Targeting: 300x250, 320x50

Ad Specs


Page Name Included in Package Version Ad Size Ad Serving Tags/Details Required IAB / Custom Targeting Criteria


Ad Specs

Last updated: August 9, 2019