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Inventory Search 300×175 – 2019

Educate shoppers on multiple makes and models by providing them with contextual messaging in a custom ad format.

Ad Size


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Inventory Search – 300×175
Ad Specs:

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.


Tier 1; Tier 2; Certified

Ad Size:

300 x 175 (Custom)

  • Alternate Option: 300×250

Custom Unit:

  • Site-Served
  • Initial download, maximum file size: 20k
  • Expansion NOT permitted
  • Max File Size: 20k
  • Images: OEM Logo only
    • Border required; No vehicle or other images permitted; Contextual look & feel
    • Any file format for the logo is fine (i.e. EPS, JPG, PSD, etc) as long as it has a transparent background or the logo can easily be removed from the background
  • Maximum number of text links: 20
    • Recommended 5 text links maximum
  • Text link character limit: 30


1. Static creative accepted in 300×175

  • Third party served
  • Maximum file size: 20k
  • No animation; no expansion
  • Adhere to submission guidelines

2. IAB 300×250 accepted

Assets Required:

Custom Unit

  • OEM Logo
  • Impression and click tags


  • Third party tag



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Product Rules:

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Product approval required for all custom ads not built by Autotrader.