OEM Solutions

Homepage Takeover – 2018

  • High-impact takeover
  • Generate awareness for your vehicle or brand as shoppers begin their shopping journey
  • Newly refreshed Autotrader Homepage offers a modern, consistent, & optimized cross-platform experience

Opportunity Highlights

  • Homepage Hero Image
  • Homepage MREC/MMA (300×250, 300×50)
  • Search Links
Ad Size

Hero Image, 300x250, 300x50, Search Links

Download Ad Specs:
Inventory Search – 300×250
Mobile 320×50
Hero Sponsorship
Ad Specs:

Click this link for detailed spec pdf for Homepage Hero image.

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Desktop Homepage


  • 1300×520; Image is static. (safe area: 820×400)
    • No copy
    • No animation, video, audio within background image.
    • Sponsored image must be of sponsored make/model vehicle
    • Image content should be of lifestyle photography – no studio shots on white backgrounds or empty rooms
  • Sponsored copy/links appear below/outside of image
    • Year Make Model will always be displayed
    • 30 character limit for single external link e.g. “Find local offers and save big”
    • Logo height not to exceed 40px, width can vary, horizontal logo is preferred
  • ATC production team will assemble images

300×250 (IAB)

  • No expansion allowed

Search Links:

  • Make name only, no additional copy (i.e. Mazda, Ford, Toyota)
  • Model name only, no additional copy (i.e. MAZDA3, Fusion, Camry)

Mobile Homepage

  • 320×50 (App)
Assets Required:

IAB ads

  • 300×250: third party creative tag
  • 320×50: third party creative tag

Search Links – (1 Impression tag)

  • Make name
    • 1 click tag
  • Model name
    • 1 click tag

Hero Image

  • Image is static
    • 1 Impression tag
  • Click thru URL for external link
    • 1 click tag

Ad Weight Specs for 3 Hero panel breakpoints

1300×520 – Initial Load Max (k-weight) – 275, Subload – 550

768×520 – Initial Load Max (k-weight) – 275, Subload – 550

460×400 – Initial Load Max (k-weight) – 150, Subload – 300

What the Package Includes:
Page Name Included in Package Version Ad Size Ad Serving Tags/Details Required IAB / Custom Targeting Criteria
Home Page    300x250      Third Party Served  Desktop Home Page 
Home Page Hero    1300x520      Site Served  Desktop Home Page 
Home Page Search Links          Site Served  Desktop Home Page 
Mobile App Home Page:    320x50      Third Party Served  Mobile Home Screen 

Tier 1; Certified


Desktop and Mobile

Product Type:



Awareness and Consideration






10 day lead time

Open a sales force case for Ad Ops Design

*Homepage Hero Unit must be approved by product.  

Product Details:
  • Fulfillment offered by ATC if needed
    Search links must include Make and Model, cannot exclude one
  • Make search link clicks to Make Search Page
  • Model search link clicks to pre-populated SRP
  • Hero search link clicks to pre-populated SRP, required. OEM site link is optional
  • Targeting:
    Optional – Audience Onsite – Desktop + Mobile (PSP – Undecided)
    Optional – Audience Offsite
Product Rules:
  • Cannot be separated
  • No Tier 1 Exclusivity on HP – Multiple OEMs may appear on HP at one time
    Managed by the Sponsorship Calendar

All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

Product approval required for all custom ads not built by Autotrader.

  • Search links appear on desktop Home Page below the Make and Model search drop downs.
  • Hero appears as the background image behind the desktop search box.
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