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Certified Warranty Indicator – Enhancement to Certified Partnership – 2018, 2019

Must purchase the Certified Partnership to enhance your certified exposure with the Certified Warranty Indicator.

Engaging visual display illustrates the certified warranty coverage and remaining new car warranty to further highlight the value of the vehicle to serious certified shoppers. Video option available on vehicle details pages.


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Certified Warranty Indicator
Video on Vehicle Details Pages
Ad Specs:
All Ads should adhere to LEAN Ad Standards as defined by IAB 2017 New Standard 
  • Open order request with National Sales Ops with appropriate assets
  • No third party tracking. Limited internal tracking.
  • Search Form
  • Car Research: Research & Information
  • Vehicle Details

Tier 1, Certified


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

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Retention Only



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Site-served, agency tracking tags optional




30 day lead time

  • Open order request with National Sales Ops with appropriate assets.
Product Details:
  • Requires additional fields added to the OEM’s certified pre-owned inventory file
  • OEM is responsible for providing new car remaining warranty, certified pre-owned Warranty, Total Warranty and disclaimer/description
  • Autotrader.com is responsible for displaying the information on the OEM’s vehicle detail pages
  • Product Display Details: Warranty Indicator Graphic Display
    Displays within the Certified Warranty Tab.
  • Appears for only certified listings where the OEM purchased the appropriate Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Partnership
  • Graphic is hard coded
  • All other items are within a content management system and are able to be edited “View more warranty details” Link shopper is lower page module textual display
  • Miles and months are pulled from Total Warranty order request Certified Warranty line in the textual display
  • Option depends on OEM Needs
    – Disclaimer text is 250 max characters including spaces
Product Rules:

Metrics will be included in the monthly Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Report

Tier 1 Certified only
Only eligible at the OEM level and not Dealer level (opt-out is an exception)

Retention only
Dealer may opt-out of this

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