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CAMP 360: Homepage – Native Personalized Templates 

How It Works

“CAMP 360” is a framework created to deliver strategic marketing capabilities to Cox Auto clients in a way that enables us to be an indispensable member of a client’s digital marketing team and allow us to enter new client segments. 

This is about selling Cox Auto marketing capabilities, not products.

Simply providing display advertising is not enough. Through collaboration, innovation, and marketing expertise we will influence and elevate our client’s brand perception in the market. 

Homepage: Native Personalized Templates inclusions:

  • Leaderboard/MMA – Web – Headband, Schedule Test Drive, Featured Offer, Vehicle Recommendation

Ad Size


Included Solutions

Ad Specs


LEAN Guidelines:

Adhere to LEAN Ad Standards, as defined by IAB New Ad Portfolio.


Ad Specs

Last updated: March 3, 2021

Asset Inclusions

Last updated: March 3, 2021

Business Rules

Last updated: March 3, 2021
  • CPO – Featured Tile
  • Leaderboard/MMA – Web – API, Recommendation Template
  • Sponsored Article
  CAMP360: Homepage – Native Personalized Templates
Funnel Upper Funnel
Supersection Homepage
Platform Desktop
Advertiser(s) National/Tier 1
Segments None
Duration 1 month
Ad Type Standard, Non-exclusive: less than 100% of available impressions
Geography National
Ad Serving Third Party
Site-served, agency tracking tags optional
Ad Size

The following sizes apply:

  • Custom
  • 728x90
  • 300x250
Ad Size Upgrade Options

The following sizes apply:

  • N/A
Lead Time 10 business days