Top Certified Pre-Owned Deals for September 2018 According to Autotrader

This time of year the automotive market is dominated by the arrival of new models, but savvy car shoppers shouldn’t focus solely on the latest vehicles at dealer showrooms. New cars also mean more trade-ins and recent off-lease vehicles, which translates into attractive certified pre-owned options.

“The comprehensive inspection process, incentives and warranties for certified pre-owned vehicles changes the game for how car shoppers should look for their next vehicle,” said Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader. “With cars less than a few years old back on the market, you could even end up with a certified pre-owned vehicle that’s part of the 2018 model year.”

The editors at Autotrader have rounded up some of the best CPO deals to help shoppers find that perfect certified pre-owned vehicle this month.

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