Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor Helps Car Shoppers Buy With Confidence

Jul 17, 2017

Kelley Blue Book® wrote the book on car pricing, literally, earning the trust of car shoppers and dealers for the last 90 years. In fact, more consumers use Kelley Blue Book’s to research pricing and compare vehicles than any other third-party site, and the industry leader connects with the most female and millennial buyers, nearly double the competition1. Nevertheless, negotiating a fair purchase price of a new or used vehicle remains one of the most frustrating parts of the car buying process for consumers. To alleviate price pressure and align both shopper and dealer expectations, the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor, which is the focus of the brand’s new “We Wrote the Book” (:30) national marketing campaign, provides guidance and confidence into how much prospective car buyers should pay for their next vehicle.

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