Autotrader’s Top SUV and Minivan Picks Make the Grade for Every Parent This Back-to-School Season


Just in time for the start of nonstop extracurriculars and hectic carpools, Autotrader reveals its Top SUV Picks for the 2018 Back-to-School Season. For today’s busy caregivers in the market for a new vehicle — whether they’re new to the carpool lane or a veteran mom of three — the Autotrader list is the ultimate guide to finding the dream SUV or minivan that best suits every lifestyle. Autotrader has done the research for you, so getting behind the wheel can be the easiest — and an enjoyable — part of your day.

“As families around the country are gearing up for a new school year, the timing could be right for some moms to consider buying a car that better suits her lifestyle, making the time spent in carpool line a lot more tolerable,” said Tara Trompeter, managing editor for Autotrader. “We decided to have some fun, choosing some of our favorite new SUVs and minivans for the various types of moms we know and love.”

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