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Autotrader Names Best New Automotive Technology for 2020

With the accelerating pace of automotive technology, new-car shoppers entering the market may be surprised by the innovations that have developed in recent years. To help shoppers navigate all of the features and gadgets available on 2020 model-year vehicles, the experts at Autotrader recently named the Best New Automotive Technology for 2020. “Technology in cars […]

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The High Cost of Poor-Quality Leads

Time is money – and one of the most significant ways for dealers to waste both is chasing bad leads. Typically, the biggest problem for dealers isn’t getting enough leads, but rather, how to correctly manage the many they do have and how to distinguish the good leads from the bad ones. While ignoring leads […]

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Autotrader Tips Off Its 16th Season of NBA Partnership

Autotrader is tipping off its 16th season of partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA), featuring several opportunities to be front and center all season long as the Official Car Search Engine of the NBA. The brand is the exclusive partner of the NBA on TNT Tip-Off Show presented by Autotrader, with at least 34 pre-game […]

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Autotrader Names 12 Best Electric Vehicles for 2019

Whether a new-car shopper’s motivation for buying an electric vehicle (EV) is environmental, political or financial, choices abound now more than ever before in the marketplace. With more than 50 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and battery-electric vehicle (BEV) models available today, many new-car shoppers need help navigating the terms to master and information to digest among […]

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Autotrader Changes History for the Better in New “Finally, It’s Easy” Campaign

From sleds to horse-drawn carriages and now, with today’s modern vehicles, people from all eras have been faced with the challenge of finding the best deal for their mode of transportation. Autotrader is bringing excitement and ease back into the car-buying experience with the launch of its new “Finally, It’s Easy” integrated national marketing campaign. […]

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Autotrader Names 10 Hottest Used Cars for Summer 2019

Cannonballs into pools won’t be the only thing making a splash this summer. Thanks to Autotrader, car shoppers can spend more time soaking up the sun instead of endlessly surfing the web for the perfect used vehicle. Autotrader’s experts have made it easy for people to quickly find the 10 Hottest Used Cars for Summer […]

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Top Certified Pre-Owned Deals for July 2019 According to Autotrader

As car shoppers grill, chill and watch the fireworks this July, summer buying season continues to heat up at dealerships across the country. Dealers are looking to add the latest 2020 models to their lots, so this is a great time for consumers to find a good deal on their next vehicle. Focusing on certified […]

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Top Certified Pre-Owned Deals for June 2019

Summer buying season starts full-swing in June as the days get longer and consumers have more free time to shop. With the weather heating up, so are the opportunities to find the perfect car. Certified pre-owned programs provide a great option for getting the vehicle you want at a price that leaves money in the […]

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Autotrader Names 10 Best Cars for Recent College Graduates in 2019

After years of late nights in the library and the local pizza shop, a new set of graduates is finally ready to enter the “real world.” Now, they just need the right car to get them there. Against the backdrop of rising car prices and looming student loan debt, the editors at Autotrader have identified […]

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Autotrader Names 10 Best Non-Luxury and Luxury CPO Programs for 2019

There’s no worse feeling than falling in love with a vehicle and later having your heart broken from sticker shock. In today’s market, the average new car costs nearly $37,000. While this figure might be alarming, consumers can still drive away in their dream car without going over budget by taking advantage of certified pre-owned (CPO) […]

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