How Autotrader is helping dealers thrive

Dealer Home Services – Included with Autotrader Listings:

We are committed to bringing you the latest tools and innovations to make sure that you can continue to safely connect and serve your shoppers. Now available at no extra cost, these tools will help you connect your sales team and your shoppers safely and at their convenience.

Virtual vehicle walkaround to help dealers sell cars virtually

Video walkaround

Car being delivered to a customer’s home for a test drive

Test drive at home

Vehicle being delivered to a car buyer’s home by truck

Local home delivery

Initiate the sales process on the VDP by allowing shoppers to make an offer, understand their payment details and begin the paperwork to finalize the deal.

Start your deal online

Let consumers know that you offer pick-up and drop-off for vehicle service and repair

Maintenance from your door

Virtual tools designed to drive your online business:

  • Highlight your at-home offerings with Dealer Home Services
    With 2/3 of shoppers willing to do their deals 100% online?, it’s more important than ever to highlight your at-home and contactless services. If you offer Virtual vehicle walkarounds, At-home test drives, Local home delivery, Maintenance from your door, or the ability for shoppers to start their deal online, you can now highlight these offerings to drive more consumer engagement and confidence. Let shoppers know you’re able to provide the convenience of these services today!
  • Get up-to-the-minute analytics with nVision
    Your Autotrader listings package includes the nVision analytics dashboard for reporting on your inventory and your digital investments that will help you get maximum results.
  • Connect in the moment with chat and text
    Be sure that you are ready to work with your customers virtually - whether it’s email, text, chat or talking over the phone. We’d encourage you to be ready to help shoppers with their needs even if not in the showroom. If chat and text aren’t yet enabled on your listings, contact your Dealer Success Consultant.
  • Get sales started online with Digital Retailing
    Adding Digital Retailing to your listings enables shoppers to get started on the buying process from home and minimizing face-to-face interaction.
  • Extend your reach and deliver with Market Extension
    If you haven’t considered delivery of vehicles before, now is a great time. If you have the logistics and capabilities in place, be sure to let your consumers know that you will deliver to their doorstep. Create social posts, update your comments on Autotrader, and even your vehicle images if you can. Even better – film a quick phone video talking about your approach during COVID-19 and all that you are doing to keep your community healthy while also helping your customers find the right car. We can put that video up on your listings to get it in front of ready-to-buy shoppers.

Autotrader’s nationwide campaign highlights new touchless services

These commercials bring a focus on the shift towards touchless dealership offerings, specifically Dealer Home Services from Autotrader.

The campaign includes a digital-first approach through social media, paid search, custom sponsorships and content on Hulu, YouTube, Roku and Amazon, among other platforms—offering interactive and engaging experiences to online audiences.

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Additional Resources

Supporting consumers during COVID-19

Just like we’re here to support you and your business during these uncertain times, we’re also providing valuable resources to consumers so they are informed and can continue to engage with you. We’re sharing editorial content like "Online Car Shopping Options to Reduce Coronavirus Spread" and "Buying a Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic" as well as offering the latest Incentives, Updates, and overall Tips and Advice.

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New Autotrader Dealer Advantage blog

This brand-new resource brings you crucial information and tips on making the most of this challenging environment, including ways to adapt your dealership to sell virtually. This includes information and best practices on using our new Dealer Home Services tools, designed to help enable at home shopping for your customers at no additional cost. Read more and sign-up to receive notifications about new posts.

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For support, please reach out to your Dealer Success Consultant, or call 1-877-627-9585.