Seamless Delivery. Everywhere. Every Device.

Seamless inventory delivery connects you with more shoppers, no matter their device.

Shopping all the cars on Autotrader is easier than ever before with completely redesigned SRPs and VDPs that are consistent across all devices. The new SRPs and VDPs provide faster loading times and a more efficient shopping journey, connecting more consumers with the cars they want to buy.

Redesigned SRPs and VDPs provide more value to shoppers and dealers

  • We've designed your SRPs and VDPs to move buyers from browsing to buying from any device, all to drive more value for you.
  • Shopper behavior shows when looking at SRPs car shoppers want quick, key information that helps them narrow the field of vehicles and on the VDP, they're looking for the details that set your vehicle and dealership apart.
  • Wondering if you need to do anything differently? The answer is no. The essentials for success are the same — present the right inventory, add great photos, provide thorough and accurate information about your vehicles, and keep your dealership information up to date (including dealership photo)

SRPs quickly and clearly give shoppers what they need to narrow the field

Prominent Spotlight Ads
Your inventory is the star
Simplified, more effective listings

Your VDPs are built to drive conversions

Pricing information they can trust
Deal initiation right from your VDP
Your contact info, front and center
Enhanced vehicle information

What you get

Your inventory in front of even more shoppers.
An experience that brings shoppers back to view your inventory.
Shoppers easily find you from the palm of their hand.

How this helps drive shoppers to you

Consistent experience across every device.
Faster page speed.
Easy to find you, wherever they are.

53% of car shoppers use multiple devices during their car buying journey.? From any device, anywhere, we’re putting your cars in front of more actual car buyers with a consistent shopping experience that meets their needs and expectations – and boosts VDP and SRP views.