Introducing Accelerate: Your new digital retailing solution from Autotrader.

*Cox Automotive Product Analytics, Autotrader digital retailing Close Rate vs non-digital retailing leads from August 2018 – January 2019; excludes active leads.

Earn 37% higher gross profits with digital retailing on your listings ?

The faster digital buying process consumers demand.

83% of car shoppers want to complete some buying steps online.? Gain a competitive edge by giving your customers an easy way to start the process online, while maintaining the flexibility you need to work a deal.

Work deals online, with flexibility

Engage customers in two-way deal-making dialogue that complements your existing dealership process.

Offer consistent payments and pricing

This industry-first solution enables you to present consistent payments and pricing — and the same buying process — across the tools car shoppers use most: Autotrader, and your dealership website.

Know more about every customer

Gain a better understanding of a customer’s monthly budget, credit information and more, building a relationship online that moves the customer to your dealership.

Amplify your online engagement

Whether by chat, text, email, phone call, website click or deal pencil, you can accelerate my deal and increase VDP engagement. It’s just the beginning of turning shoppers into signatures.

An online extension of your existing dealership process.

Digital retailing with Autotrader accelerates the car-buying experience car shoppers want from your dealership, and you’ll have a new avenue to connect with them and ultimately sell more cars. There’s literally something for everyone.

9 out of 10 shoppers would prefer to buy from a dealer who provides the opportunity to complete some buying steps online.?

9 out of 10 shoppers want to go to the dealership to sign paperwork.?

8 out of 10 shoppers would never purchase a vehicle without a physical test drive.?

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