Pricing Confidence Right From Your Autotrader Listings.

The Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor on Autotrader is the perfect tool for common ground.

Kelley Blue Book's valuations are a tool for both you and your shoppers. Review the short videos and get to know the numbers so you can put the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor to work for you.

Meet the Updated Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor

How Price Advisor Vehicle Values works

Most price valuation tools simply take the average of similar vehicles on a website to produce a value. With such a limited number of vehicles being valued, that doesn't give shoppers a full picture. Price Advisor gives shoppers a range of what they can expect to pay this week for a vehicle in your local market of the same year, make, model and MSRP, excluding taxes, title, fees, rebates or incentives.

Price Advisor Screenshot

How the Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Range is Derived:

  • Tens of thousands of actual transactions
  • Current supply and demand
  • Regional and seasonal factors
  • Updated weekly

Get to know each of the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor zones

Click on each color of the Price Advisor Illustration below for more information

Red Zone The vehicle's value is above the fair market range. SeasonalityDealer Installed OptionsLow Supply and High Demand White Zone The vehicle’s value falls below the Fair Market Range. Retiring Model YearCompetitive MarketExcess InventoryUnpopular Color Green Zone The Fair Market Range is Kelley Blue Book’s estimate of what you can reasonably expect to pay for a vehicle in your area this week. Based on what others have paid for similiar carsKelley Blue Book® Fair Market RangeReflects conditions in your market

Price Confidence

Green Zone = Value Activities

Price Advisor is giving shoppers the confidence they need to take the next step to you.

Vehicles in the Green Zone see:?

  • 40% more dealer website clicks than those in the red
  • 50% more emails than those in the red
  • 70% more saves than those in the red

See how your prices compare to the Fair Market Range zones. Log in to, navigate to the “Vehicles” tab, then choose “Pricing” to view the Vehicles Pricing Tool.

View the video to see how sales teams use Price Advisor to help ease negotiation

See how these dealers use the Price Advisor with car shoppers

Show the math. Attract shoppers.

In addition to the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor on your Autotrader listings, you can also provide shoppers a clear understanding of your list price with New Car Price Transparency. This tool shows shoppers the math - MSRP, incentives and retail price - while you decide the detail you want to display and whether or not you want discounts to be automatically deducted.

To choose how you want your pricing displayed visit, navigate to the “Advertising Products” tab then choose “Dealership Merchandising”. Under “Offer Settings” select “Price Markdown” and choose how you prefer to show the math.